Copies of "I Hate Hamlet" Shelburne Players fall show are at the South Burlington and
Shelburne libraries.
Auditions will be Aug 3, Th 6-9 pm, Aug 5, Sat 1-4, Aug 6, Sun 2-5 at Trinity Episcopal
Church, 5171 Shelburne Rd.
Performances are on Nov 10, 11, 12th, 15, 17, 18th.

  "I Hate Hamlet" is produced by Susan Martin, directed by Betsy Jaffe, stage manager is
Zach Robinson, fight choreographer Paul Ugalde.

  "To be or not to be- a real actor?" This is the dilemma that Andrew Rally faces as he
chooses between a lucrative Hollywood career and the chance to play Hamlet in Central
Park. Who better to help him than John Barrymore's ghost, his sassy Brooklyn realtor, his
idealistic girlfriend, and his chain-smoking agent who is also John Barrymore's former lover.
Who better to oppose him than his money-driven Hollywood producer. A hilarious and
touching exploration of what it takes to be a real actor, of course, complete with sword fight!"

                                                 Character descriptions

ANDREW RALLY (late 20s/early 30s): A popular TV star whose series has just been
cancelled. He has reluctantly moved into John Barrymore’s apartment and agreed to take on
the role of Hamlet for a Shakespeare in the Park production, even though he has no interest.
JOHN BARRYMORE (40s-60s): The ghost of the famous larger-than-life actor whose
mission is to convince Andrew to play Hamlet.
DEIRDRE MCDAVEY (mid 20s/early 30s): Andrew’s naive girlfriend from a privileged
background, a hopeless romantic, and the cause of Andrew’s sexual frustration. She is
overjoyed that her boyfriend is going to play Hamlet, much more than he is.
FELICIA DANTINE (20s-50s): Andrew’s real estate broker, who is fascinated with the world
of theatre and claims to have a sense of the supernatural. Ability to do a New York accent is
a plus, but not required.
GARY PETER LEFKOWITZ (20-50s): Hot-shot LA TV writer/producer/director with no true
appreciation for theatre, especially Shakespeare. He tries to entice Andrew with the promise
of a new starring role in a sitcom.
LILLIAN TROY (50-70s): Andrew’s agent, who has had a history with John Barrymore. She
is frank with a dry sense of humor. Ability to do a German accent is a plus.